Outback Ferals

OutbackFeralsHazel Edwards (author)

Lothian Books, Australia: 2006; 206pp

ISBN: 0734409354

Genres: realistic fiction, Australian

Issues: ecology, environment

Back in another adventure as an environmental activist, Kyle (Antarctica's Frozen Chosen) is working undercover to try and discover whether a local helicopter pilot is bringing illegal germs into the Northern Territory.

Kyle finds the Territory culture has a unique perspective on and attitude towards many things and fitting in isn't as easy as he expected. Then there are the local characters: they can be quite aggressively defensive of their chosen lifestyle - especially if they suspect a nosy southerner is asking too many of the wrong sorts of questions. Throw in the ubiquitous crocodile attacks and a few human ‘ferals' and Kyle realises Antarctica is not the only place for adventures.

Did you know?

"I learnt so much about gifted children, backed up by very interesting research which gave me a better understanding of the needs of gifted children and how best we can nurture their strengths, skills and habits." An educator attending a NSWAGTC seminar.