Outback Ferals

OutbackFeralsHazel Edwards (author)

Lothian Books, Australia: 2006; 206pp

ISBN: 0734409354

Genres: realistic fiction, Australian

Issues: ecology, environment

Back in another adventure as an environmental activist, Kyle (Antarctica's Frozen Chosen) is working undercover to try and discover whether a local helicopter pilot is bringing illegal germs into the Northern Territory.

Kyle finds the Territory culture has a unique perspective on and attitude towards many things and fitting in isn't as easy as he expected. Then there are the local characters: they can be quite aggressively defensive of their chosen lifestyle - especially if they suspect a nosy southerner is asking too many of the wrong sorts of questions. Throw in the ubiquitous crocodile attacks and a few human ‘ferals' and Kyle realises Antarctica is not the only place for adventures.

Did you know?

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